Luke Gabrieli


I hold a bachelor of science in Mathematics from the University of Washington and am a newly graduated front-end web developer from Code Fellows.

During my years of project management in the music industry at Votiv, I became proficient with the Adobe suite and continued to challenge myself by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on my own to bring my design skills to the web. Learning these platforms allowed me to express my creativity while utilizing an analytical approach.

As a front-end developer, I have mastered HTML5, including all of its new features like semantic structure and ARIA roles. I have solidified CSS, including media queries, animations and transitions, and Sass. I have perfected the art of JavaScript and its associated frameworks, including jQuery and AngularJS.

I am currently employed as a Front End Software Developer at Peach Inc in Seattle, WA.

If you would like to reach about potential projects, feel free to email me at